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The Graviton Bomber was a bullied geek who gains the power to make explosions and decides to get revenge on everyone, even people who didn't do anything to him, by blowing them up. Being raised on the streets really took the squishiness out of Storm.

Zooka manual

Actually you can argue Trafalgar Law is a variation of Squishy Wizard sure he has outstanding endurance and well above average strength to wield his BFS. It was explained in the sound stages that she never learned any magic the way Nanoha and Fate did. Lung , Daolon Wong's former apprentice, is a powerful dark chi wizard, but is not that good at physical combat.

Zooka manual

Zooka manual

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  1. The Molecule Man, at least until he discovers his full potential. However, the trope is subverted in that he does carry a large jar filled with sand on his back.

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    Milo spends a significant portion of this fic cursing the fact that he prioritized Charisma over Constitution during character creation.

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