Willie nelson ringtones

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You just have to remember that this only works with AAC files. The second version of this tune is the one I created—you can tell because it's 30 seconds long Now we're going to a couple of things that are less than obvious in order to turn that 30 second song into a ringtone. Click on your iPhone and navigate to the Tones tab.

Willie nelson ringtones

Make sure you are deleting this new 30 second version, rather than the original! Watch the timer to find the start and time point Now, go back to your iTunes library and find the song you were working on.

Willie nelson ringtones

Willie nelson ringtones

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  1. If anyone looks at me strangely when my phone rings, I just say "Willie is calling. Much nicer than a dull ring.

    The first is to drag the new 30 second version from iTunes to your desktop.

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