Why do people run from love

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You've been taught that you are responsible for another's feelings, especially someone you love. This is probably the biggest challenge facing gay men in their search for love. The productive group get things done to a high level every time, whereas the unproductive types put things off and procrastinate.

Why do people run from love

Do you allow yourself to take another's rejection personally, telling yourself that you are inadequate if someone else rejects you? This is a rejection of self.

Why do people run from love

Why do people run from love

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  1. Are you running from love? He was beautiful and he spoke French, which were the only things that mattered to me.

    This is a rejection of self. Are you getting preoccupied or finding other ways to distance yourself from the relationship?

    On Sunday, I could have spent the day with him but instead I pursued a neighbor I once slept with and since has been noncommittal in seeing me again.

    She did that twice and that's all it took to end my interest in her and I cut all contact. We'd text on occasion and I'd tease her, she'd tease me then when I asked her out she'd never respond.

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