Who stole my mojo

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Very simply, Twitter solves every one of those above except for the last two. But at least in my situation it has undeniably sapped mental cycles in the way that a mindless primetime TV show being on in the background can suck me in and shut my brain off. If you lose your mojo you're not firing on all cylinders.

Who stole my mojo

Whether it's lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, work challenges or the ability to get out of bed a half hour earlier in the morning, Who Stole My Mojo is about the thinking required to put the zest back into your life. In an increasingly-ADHD environment of rapid volleys of thousands of disparate and abrupt communication snippets, I would say the real constraint challenge now is focus and attention, not message length. So what Well this is all fine and obvious Sean.

Who stole my mojo

Who stole my mojo

Chances are you've better your mojo. We all move our mojo from mark to time. Who stole my mojo

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  1. Have you experienced this same effect and if so, how do you compensate? Becoming conscious of the deficiency lets you recognize the issue so you can actively hunt for the source of it and make a correction.


    You know you have it when you think, 'this has been a great day'.

    Mojo is that spark which, if you have it, is the difference between having just a good day and a great day.

    Chances are you've lost your mojo. What do you think?

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