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Thereafter, postage stamp use in the U. They also depicted the denomination of the postage-paid, and with the exception of the United Kingdom , [25] depicted the name of the country from which issued. Neither article mentioned "a bit of paper just large enough to bear the stamp," so Chalmers could not have known that Hill had made such a proposal.

Where to buy stamps melbourne

Sometimes 30 times face! This stamp occurs well centred in 1 of 50 copies - trust me - check YOUR copy!

Where to buy stamps melbourne

Where to buy stamps melbourne

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  1. Superb perfs and colour, fresh MLH. Postage currency postage stamps used as currency rather than as postage Postage due — a stamp showing that the full postage has not been paid, and indicating the amount owed.


    Souvenir sheets typically include additional artwork or information printed on the selvage , the border surrounding the stamps.

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