Where is artarmon in sydney

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Yet with the railway station and retail strip at its centre, the community atmosphere that pervades the suburb is encompassing and inclusive. The s saw large areas of Crown land auctioned off.

Where is artarmon in sydney

A third much larger tank was erected in By , he owned most of the land between St Leonards and Mowbray Road, making him the biggest landowner in the district. Until the s, the Cammeraygal people of the Guringai Kuring-gai nation lived in and around Artarmon.

Where is artarmon in sydney

Where is artarmon in sydney

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  1. In it became a teaching hospital and it has continued to expand, with the main building opened by Sir Roden Cutler in and a new building under construction in Among the first tasks of the new council seems to have been the reservation of large portions of land for future public use.

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