West michigan singles

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I hope we can do this again. And to thank everyone who showed up and continues to be a loyal supporter of the Rivertown Singles dance on Sunday night!

West michigan singles

Thanks again Barb for a wonderful night of dancing! I look forward to getting together with the group again soon. This method has kept her in the dating game nearly every week since January

West michigan singles

West michigan singles

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Wanted to exchange our MC help Barb for headed a ample job as always. It was round fun!. West michigan singles

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  1. I tell my friends about all the fun they missed, and they cry to me about not being there, no more excuses guys, make sure you are there next time, guaranteed to be a fun time. Congratulations Barb, on a successful, well attended dance!

    You are doing a fabulous job and I think word is getting around, no? See you next week!

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