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But a year later, raised lumps began to appear everywhere her acne had been. When she appeared on the Channel 4 series, she broke down on camera and reduced viewers to tears as she explained how she wore high necked sweaters and swept her hair over her cheeks to hide from prying eyes and unpleasant remarks.


It was just another side effect of the skin condition that was ruining my life. Christmas Charity Appeal banner When Bianca Lawrence was a teenager, her mobile phone would sometimes ring throughout the night.



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  1. But that is no longer the case and instead her parents are paying for her to see a dermatologist privately. There are a variety of ways to reduce the scarring, including surgery, steroids, radiotherapy, cryotherapy and laser treatment, but the scarring always returns, apart from in very rare cases.

    The only way to break down barriers is to talk respectfully about our differences and celebrate diversity. You need to go and kill yourself.

    Why I had got this terrible affliction?

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