Updating msds to sds

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With the exception of Sections , the supplier is required to provide information on each specific information element required on the SDS. The European Chemicals Agency provides chemical information on over , substances.

Updating msds to sds

If the language spoken at the telephone number is neither English nor French, this should be indicated on the SDS as part of the restrictions on the use of the number. This number does not have to be a Canadian telephone number.

Updating msds to sds

Updating msds to sds

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  1. The European Chemicals Agency provides chemical information on over , substances. How will I know if an SDS has been updated?

    Is all the information I need on the SDS? Ask your supervisor or a health and safety professional for advice if the way you use the product does not match the SDS.

    You should look at an SDS, match the name of the product on the container to the one on the SDS, know the hazards, understand safe handling and storage instructions, as well as understand what to do in an emergency.

    An SDS will be required to be updated when the supplier becomes aware of any "significant new data".

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