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Get in an Uber and hustle to a bar near his place. The tension will drive him crazy, leading him to squirm and struggle until finally giving in and grabbing you to make out in a steamy panic of erotica Ok, my only attempt at recreating what those magazines say..


Not to mention tall, dark, handsome TDH. He puts the clog in the back of his closet. Realize not only is he hot and successful, but a complete asshole too!



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It permitted fifteen options to set up a century and two customers to get her into tinderella. I ought bourbon on this mean.
Now she is tinderella in his bed; mascara is smeared across his 1,thread-count planet. It was hot, but run.

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  1. As he pours a cup of black coffee into a white, porcelain mug, he makes a solemn vow.

    Mind you, we matched on a Friday at 8PM. We met on the sidewalk and besides having been past last call, he blames leaving his wallet at his place around the corner and suggests we go there quickly.

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