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Soon, however, scientific apocalypticists wondered how humans could cause the end of the world or of the species; as they speculated on a man-made apocalypse, they adopted premillennial language and scenarios. This is yet another one of his book that is very well written.

The harbinger kindle

During my s childhood, fearing a nuclear war with the Soviets and worrying about the rise of the Antichrist didn''t seem contradictory, though the adult purveyors of those two visions viewed each other with disdain. As participants in these debates staked out their positions, especially regarding the role of God in these matters, they sought to differentiate themselves. The eschatological ideas monopolizing twenty-first-century American culture originated in the late nineteenth century.

The harbinger kindle

The harbinger kindle

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  1. The way Americans face existential threats today is indebted to the related histories and similarities between religion and science.

    As they faced the threats they feared would cause the end of the world, scientific apocalypticists addressed matters such as the most ethical way to live and the purpose of human existence.

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