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The amateur outfit from the hills - with mandolins and banjos as uncontrollable as rabid dogs - launches into a barely passable blues ditty and the crowd applauds. There's firestick twirling and tarot reading - there's always tarot reading.

The channon nsw

Perhaps it's the knowledge that everything I can see could have been levelled that makes this metre walk through a forest of bangalow palms from the Terania Creek picnic area my favourite in the region. Near Corndale I pass a provincial scene of country estates and perfectly tended gardens, so different from the wild, unkempt forest we just walked through. It's worth giving the region at least two days of your time; though the area is sprinkled with only the tiniest of villages, each hamlet is unique.

The channon nsw

The channon nsw

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  1. And there are the towns of Goonengerry and Federal, now known for their resident musicians, such as Tex Perkins, who lives in the forest nearby.

    I don't bloody know. There's firestick twirling and tarot reading - there's always tarot reading.

    You might be a bloody vegetarian and I'd recommend the steak

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