Ssms intellisense not updating

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If the connection is working and none of the above factors are in play, the cache will eventually be populated and you should be able to use all of the functionality. This can be more prevalent if you switch databases often using the USE command, or if the database is changing in other query windows or by other users. Hopefully this isn't something that trips you up, but I wanted to list it for completeness.

Ssms intellisense not updating

When SSMS is attempting to get metadata from the destination server, it may time out before it starts receiving results. Use the above steps to troubleshoot any issues you come across.

Ssms intellisense not updating

Ssms intellisense not updating

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    Many IntelliSense features work automatically by default, but you can disable any feature. The parameter in bold indicates the next parameter that is required as the type of a function or stored procedure.

    You can try to re-establish the connection by running a query as simple as:

    There are some elements in the sys schema that do not show up even though they exist.

    Microsoft IntelliSense can also show the list of parameters with including numbers, names, and types of the parameters that are required by a function or stored procedure.

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