Signs you shouldn t get married

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Believe me when I say that it was only in the most extreme of circumstances that I crossed what I consider to be a professional line. Take a serious look, and maybe consult a third-party such as a therapist, to make sure you aren't making a terrible decision. If you have been abused, go by yourself to see the counselor first.

Signs you shouldn t get married

There's a reason "must arrest" laws exist in all 50 states now - it's to give the fighting couple room to breathe and calm down away from each other so that things don't escalate to the point where somebody gets killed. Prenuptial agreements are common nowadays, but they can even be the thing that's causing the biggest arguments in the month prior to the wedding. If he hits her, or she hits him, it's against the law and it's domestic violence.

Signs you shouldn t get married

Signs you shouldn t get married

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  1. But when the fighting escalates to the point of breaking up and reconciling, cancelling and un-cancelling the wedding multiple times, and generally behaving like complete jackasses across the board, it's time to rethink getting married at all.

    There are probably a bunch of other really good reasons a parent would feel compelled to step in - but it's not easy for a parent either. Postponing the wedding doesn't mean you will never marry that person.

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