Sexually satisfying a woman

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Ideally, you'd like to make that initial pickup push work for you again and again. Sign up for our Sexual Health Newsletter!

Sexually satisfying a woman

Hecht recommends these moves to ease tight pelvic muscles: If you feel like a particular sex fantasy or a particular position is starting to get monotonous, freshen things up by trying something new. When you are distracted with life, you are essentially on the bleachers during sex when you should be focused on the playing field.

Sexually satisfying a woman

Sexually satisfying a woman

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  1. Also changing up your style of masturbation by adding lubrication, trying new sensations or using your non-dominate hand can help improve erectile response and control.

    Did you know that there are pelvic therapy specialists out there? You dance with her to the soothing tunes, running your hands and then just your fingers over her back, then neck, while you take in her scent.

    Ideally, you'd like to make that initial pickup push work for you again and again.

    If you want to do more than just satisfy your woman in bed, try new things all the time. Take your time before penetration, and both of you will enjoy sex a lot more.

    Journal of Sexual Research.

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