Sex under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

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Although existing studies showed drug users were at increased risk of engaging in other risk behaviors, such as unprotected sex, limited data are available regarding the rates of sex under influence of alcohol and other risky sexual behaviors among Chinese drug user who were institutionalized for drug treatment. Despite its limitations, it provides an important extension of previous research conducted on convenience samples.

Sex under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

Specific sites are listed elsewhere. A summary measure for the frequency of drinking alcohol in the past year was derived from a set of questions that queried the respondent about consumption of beer, wine and liquor; the categories ranged from never to three or more times per day. Cross-sectional survey data were collected from institutionalized drug users in Beijing China to assess the rates of sex under influence of alcohol and other HIV-related risky sexual behaviors.

Sex under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

Sex under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

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  1. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin and cannabis were the most frequently used drugs.

    As might be expected, sexual activity was highly associated with the availability of a sexual partner.

    The first, a between-group analysis, compared condom use among those who said they had engaged in sex in the past year while under the influence of alcohol with condom use among those who had not used alcohol in conjunction with sex. The sample consisted of 5, randomly selected housing units in primary sampling units.

    Respondents were asked whether they had ever had sexual intercourse and whether they had had intercourse in the past year. The likelihood of having had multiple partners was significantly associated with being male and not being in a relationship.

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