Sex hormone binding globulin by irma

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The stability and binding activity were assessed as described previously 21 Surprisingly, during development of the assay, unexpected difficulties were found in calibrating the assay for use with undiluted serum samples.

Sex hormone binding globulin by irma

The nonspecific endocytotic membrane receptor for the vitamin A and D carrier protein megalin has also been demonstrated to bind and internalize SHBG-steroid complexes in mice As a consequence, calibrators were developed based on native human serum samples with different endogenous SHBG concentrations. This in turn drives proliferation and differentiation of both the prostate stroma and epithelium.

Sex hormone binding globulin by irma

Sex hormone binding globulin by irma

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  1. This observation may be explained by the presence of a second protein species, presumably a SHBG aggregate, in the solution.

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