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Letters right away or if your webcam. At twilight, in order to find the stars, you look over the compass, factor in the variation to get true course, set your sextant angle at approximately the right altitude, look out toward the horizon and — whammo! Okay, take a breath.

Rude finder com

What we are trying to solve for is not the GHA of Aries but the local hour angle LHA of Aries and we do this by using the method of subtracting our assumed longitude from the GHA if we are in west longitude. These discs sit on a white plastic two-sided centerpiece, also labeled North and South, that has stars positioned in place on it and an outside scale running its circumference that represents the local angle of Aries. We look up GHA of Aries for the time of 9 hours 48 minutes.

Rude finder com

Rude finder com

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  1. If we are in east longitude, we add these numbers. Together, you have to make the chance for a job interview.

    As we know, what we need to do is calculate for nautical twilight.

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