Pisces ox

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Otherwise, his family would crumble like a house of cards. Fireflies need to be social more so than other Pisces, which also helps balance out their energy. A purposeful, hardworking person can easily take the place of a leader.

Pisces ox

Pisces born during the Year of the Ox Their homes are considered extremely important, as they are where a Pisces is most at ease and the Ox is at his most protective. Shy Ox-Fishes forget about their shyness when it comes to really worthwhile business.

Pisces ox

Pisces ox

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  1. Loyal friends and family members they are affectionate and submissive, preferring to observe and grow through creativity and wisdom.

    Pisces born during the Year of the Sheep They are not afraid of hard work, and are good at pacing themselves and organizing their priorities.

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