Outgrowing friends

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I started watching, and my husband peered over my shoulder. But what seems like cruelty is actually love.

Outgrowing friends

Why turn it into a big deal? You crave new friends. They want to talk to you, and they want to spend time with you.

Outgrowing friends

Outgrowing friends

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  1. You know that friend who never texts back? I prefer to build a friendship around understanding each other, sharing ideas, and most important, caring about the other person.

    If you respect each other, you respect each other's choices. Stop apologizing for thinking differently Groupthink can be one of the most detrimental things to individual progress within friendships.

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    They want to talk to you, and they want to spend time with you. Loyalty is a good thing -- but not at all cost.

    Do you even like this person? That voice is real.

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