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The first generation was available till used a distributor-type fuel pump and are designated VE engines and were 1. VW Convertible Beetle Parts: I just replaced the fuel pump with an OE replacement and it is making the same loud knocking noise the old one did right before I changed it out.


This fuel pump is designed for use with mm pushrods as found on alternator model aircooled VWs with Type-1 VW tdi beetle,fuel problem,IP maybe? New fuel pump with cut-off valve to clear alternator. We have a few long stashed away Genuine German made Volkswagen fuel pump overhaul kits for Type 1 and Type 2 VWs fitted with the upright style engine and the A.



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  1. Secondary air pump for mounting to: Through multiple videos, the installation summons the ghosts out there to possess the image.

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