Nice dating places in cebu

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Burn that extra calories and spend quality time with your love. The homey yet undeniable romantic setting makes it a good choice for your Valentines date. Add some extra romance by watching the sunrise and up your chances of scoring something great.

Nice dating places in cebu

For more information about places to go, check out www. Rent a tent and spend the night away on top of Busay Hills. Sunrise at Mountain View Celebrate something special with a trip on a camping site.

Nice dating places in cebu

Nice dating places in cebu

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  1. Have cocktails at the Cowrie Cove during happy hour 4: The view from the mountain is a fresh scene away from the sensory bombardment found in more frenetic areas of the city.

    Busay Cebu City How to get there:

    Enjoy your favourite Filipino dishes while enjoying the view.

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