Neuroplasticity how to rewire your brain

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Each course is scripted in detail, which basically comes down to writing a book. It will include over 30 exercises to develop your mental flexibility It will show you how to create new habits to improve any area of your life you wish to upgrade It will also show you how to change existing, sometimes toxic, habits that we ended up stuck with And last but not least, this course will show you how to neutralize the negative emotional load of painful memories What makes you a good teacher?

Neuroplasticity how to rewire your brain

This course has the highest student satisfaction of all my courses I developed this course right before The Science of Leadership, and it follows the same structure, the same logic. Neuroscience for Personal Development This is my main course on Udemy, with over 5.

Neuroplasticity how to rewire your brain

Neuroplasticity how to rewire your brain

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  1. If you're a parent, this one is a 'must'. I combined my personal experience as a dad with how to apply the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach when it comes to raising children.

    The reason why people seem to like my courses so much, is because I'm making complex issues accessible to anyone.

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