Mlm cult

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You will make yourself believe and block out all reasoned arguments and stop listening to your concerned friends. We are hoping to educate people to help prevent people in the future being lost.

Mlm cult

They have to pay for their own food and drink and possibly a hotel stay. The best MLM network marketing opportunities offer bonuses and rewards for recruiting new people and also offer similar bonuses for sales. Point 3 on the cult scale is absolutely true for MLM.

Mlm cult

Mlm cult

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  1. They wave flags and hear from their leaders with loud, exciting entrances. This allows a distributor to grow their income exponentially, and they will make more money when they recruit new distributors.


    Distributors are essentially their own bosses and do not answer to any leader or higher power. Here at Botwatch we have heard time and again about people who have lost contact with their loved ones because of the MLM they joined.

    I trust point 8 will only be true for a little while longer until advertising authorities can introduce proper regulation. He was once in a cult called the Moonies and he now counsels people and families affected by cults.

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