Massachusetts same sex divorce law

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Child Custody and Support And what about the kids? Child support and custody issues, however, may be more complicated depending on the legal relationship between the children and the parents.

Massachusetts same sex divorce law

By , couples residing in states outside of Massachusetts were also extended the right to marry in Massachusetts. Collaborative law allows parties to work through the divorce process with a team of attorneys trained in the collaborative process and other outside neutral experts who help the parties negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement. When there are children, jobs, and homes to consider, this can be a very complicated if not impossible requirement to meet.

Massachusetts same sex divorce law

Massachusetts same sex divorce law

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  1. Determining the amount of alimony is more complex in same-sex marriages because Massachusetts courts weigh how long a couple has been married.

    We will work diligently to ensure your needs and wants are clearly communicated.

    If each parent has a legal relationship with the child as a biological parent or through adoption, child custody and support issues are usually decided according to existing child custody and support statutes.

    During this time of transition, you need a trusted and knowledgeable Legal Advocate in your corner. Mediation and Collaborative Law The mediation and collaborative law processes are both great options for same-sex couples navigating the issues of divorce, breakup, custody and property division.

    Federal pension plans, tax benefits and other long-term financial allocations may not be available to same-sex couples because of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act DOMA.

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