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In Luttrell's own official after-action report filed with his superiors after his rescue, he estimated the size of the Taliban force to be around 20— Murphy Taylor Kitsch , lightheartedly hazing rookie SEAL Shane Patton Alexander Ludwig before the mission, jokingly giving Shane his first mission or "op" of cleaning the table, supplemented by knocking over a drink. These injuries ultimately led to his discharge.

Marcus latrelle

In his book, Lone Survivor, Marcus explains extensively how these rules created substantial risk for the forces in Afghanistan. He later had his knees blown out and fractured his spine again.

Marcus latrelle

Marcus latrelle

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  1. The camera stops on him and several real-life SEALs just before the Taliban's rocket-propelled grenade comes through the open rear bay door and impacts the Chinook's interior, killing everyone aboard. His third appearance is later in the film as one of the 16 special operators aboard the doomed Chinook helicopter sent to rescue Luttrell and his team.

    The mission of the foundation, headquartered in Houston, Texas , is to "restore, empower, and renew hope for our wounded warriors and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support. The military intelligence estimate cited by Darack is based on research sourced from intelligence reports, including aerial and eye-witness studies of the battlefield after the fact, including the men sent in to rescue Luttrell, as well as reports from Afghan intelligence.

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