Male scaping

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The Moisture Effect Lotion works for a quick fix. BodyHonee has a variety of different options with this one being the most effective amongst fellers thanks to its all-natural contents lemon, salt, and sugar from honey.

Male scaping

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Male scaping

Male scaping

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  1. They work best for lifting whiskers off the body, require less application, and provide skin protection plus nourishment.

    Look into getting a back scrubber or have someone gently rub on a good body scrub. Feel free to pass through the perineum if necessary, just be careful since this area is friction-sensitive.

    Aftershave splashes and lotions can be risky as most utilize alcohol or fragrances that sting like hell.

    Keep a premium hair comb on hand to run through the chest and shoulders if necessary , which will help untangle any hair knots. If you also want to shave your balls, use the trimmer to cut the hairs back first and then tackle them with a wet razor.

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