Macayos tucson

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Although even Wyatt Earp might disagree, it was Sam Colt, not the chimichanga, who made all yahoos equal. Roberta had told us that Mama Salustia had seven children.

Macayos tucson

My resolve is wearing thin. Rolled into a thin flour tortilla the size of a sombrero, and covered with a jacket of melted cheese, lettuce, and guacamole. A bite of chimichanga comes with layers, each one an echo of something elemental.

Macayos tucson

Macayos tucson

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  1. Twin ice-cream scoops of sour cream and guacamole mound the bulging tortilla set in chopped lettuce and tomato. If something were to happen to him, this food as we know it would be done.

    The chile is sinus-expanding, the shredded beef dark and moist within its deep-fried shell. Apparently, the state legislature had better things to do.

    It is the best chimichanga since my childhood.

    Sure, Macayo's has been around long enough to be an "institution" -- a few years back, I learned that there's been a longtime rivalry between Macayo's and El Charro in Tucson over who invented the chimichanga. There should be stanzas of flavor—smoke and wood, salt and oil, meat and vegetable—that come together to create something greater than the individual parts.

    Grease and ash with a hint of lard. Or better yet, how about the classy Mexican cuisine at Barrio Cafe , where chef Silvana Salcido Esparza cooks up legendary cochinita pibil slow-roasted pork?

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