Lovers have sex in a park

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We need to use condoms. Not by a long shot. At the request of my fine or freaky editors, I'm including this question for you, dear readers:

Lovers have sex in a park

And we need to look out for each other out there. Clearly, park cruising is not on the decline.

Lovers have sex in a park

Lovers have sex in a park

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Parks all around the side, in liberal countries and comprehensive beauties, are straight customers for gay men. Thought is the most primitive company you've had sex?.

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  1. We need to use condoms. Park staff should leave thick vegetative cover in gay cruising areas, instead of thinning them out and then inviting police to arrest people who have now been made visible.

    In the last couple of years, the number of younger users has increased. They had passed by the kids on swings and the people on the tennis courts and then they rode up to the baseball diamond, where they were startled by a man and woman who were participating in a different kind of aerobic activity, Chitwood said.

    Our rights, by the way, to have sex our way. Harvey and McBride were both charged with open lewdness and disorderly conduct.

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