Longing makes the heart grow fonder

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Own your feelings Accept that it's part of being human to sometimes feel miserable when your partner's away and know that feeling that way doesn't make you a cry baby or any less self-sufficient. If being apart a lot isn't desirable to you as a couple it may help you both to think ahead and plan a termination date for the distance aspect of your relationship. Here's a few strategies that I've used for making long distance love work and preventing resentment and frustration building up.

Longing makes the heart grow fonder

It's normal to feel lousy about being apart and to have bad days when you're lonely and frustrated. I wrote more detail on how to recapture passion in Time Hacks for Sizzling Sex.

Longing makes the heart grow fonder

Longing makes the heart grow fonder

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  1. Talk about your erotic life, make some kind of plan for it to overcome the distance and separateness. I hope this article has helped.

    What works best for each of you to feel loved and special to each other erotically even from far away? Sometimes it can't be done, but if it's possible, it can give the partner who normally stays at home a much better feel and appreciation of what life is like for the away partner.

    Acknowledge your erotic life when you're apart It's vital to still connect erotically when you're apart, especially if it's for long periods of time when sexual feelings are inevitably going to rise and fall.

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