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After the egg hatches, Blaze is able to resume his past mission. Fans nicknamed them Torch and Hornbuckle, respectively, and both were palette swaps of Liu Kang. Shinnok reveals later that Taven was merely tested by illusions, causing uncertainty if Drahmin was really in hell.


In Mortal Kombat X, she vainly attempts to ambush Scorpion as he looks to make peace with Sub-Zero on behalf of their respective clans, leading to a fight between them that ends when Frost again tries to attack Scorpion before she is frozen on the spot by Sub-Zero with Sub-Zero claiming that Frost is strong but lacks judgement. While enslaved by Onaga's sect, the spell used on him corrupted his mission. Sub-Zero froze her and placed her body in a shrine deep inside the temple, where she remained until Armageddon's Konquest mode when Taven enters the temple and releases her, but she believes that he is Sub-Zero and battles him, then runs off embarrassed and upset upon realizing her mistake.



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