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Tell me if you would like a link back to a URL, as these scholars have. He wanted us to read this from a completely objective point of view, form an opinion, and then realize that it was us whom he was talking about. It is hard to understand how they have managed to exist so long under the burdens which they have imposed upon themselves.


Tell me if you would like a link back to a URL, as these scholars have. A few women afflicted with almost inhuman hypermammary development are so idolized that they make a handsome living by simply going from village to village and permitting the natives to stare at them for a fee.



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  1. This can be a very long and painful process. While such a concern is certainly not unusual, its ceremonial aspects and associated philosophy are unique.

    But without its power and guidance early man could not have mastered his practical difficulties as he has done, nor could man have advanced to the higher stages of civilization.

    It was to these that Professor Linton referred in discussing a distinctive part of the daily body ritual which is performed only by men. These ceremonies involve not only the thaumaturge [ 9 ] but a permanent group of vestal maidens who move sedately about the temple chambers in distinctive costume and headdress.

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