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Empress Ma objected — she did not understand why these principalities were only half as large as the ones for Emperor Guangwu's sons. This hot mama wanted to try a half up hairstyle with natural waves and curls. Emperor Ming responded that of course his sons could not be compared with his father's sons — a response that she would remember and agree with.


Because of this, Emperor Ming continued to respect and love her. Ma, while on expedition against the Wulin tribes in modern eastern Guizhou and northwestern Hunan , died during the campaign from a plague, which also killed a large number of his soldiers.



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  1. The later accusation was a misunderstanding in that one of Ma's favorite foods — which he considered capable of warding off plagues — was Job's tears Chinese pearl barley , which was produced in southern China and northern Vietnam, which Ma had transported in large quantities back to the capital Luoyang.

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