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Perhaps the prevalence of smartphone cameras these days makes us less skittish about the notion of being recorded than it once did, but our behavior is still modified by how we perceive others to perceive us, as noted by Charles Horton Cooley in the early s when he coined the phrase looking glass self. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Here, he joins us to talk about how our perception of the way others see us shapes our behavior, how top performers achieve greatness by shutting down parts of the brain, tricks a filmmaker uses to alter audience consciousness, why nature walks are good for contemplative introspection, why bland architecture is bad for us, and lots more — the list of resources at the bottom of this page may be the longest on AoC to date!

Jason silva podcast

It served us very well. This led to a double-major in film and philosophy and the creation of film short series Shots of Awe. Everything is temporary…if I can capture it, I can own it.

Jason silva podcast

Jason silva podcast

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  1. How is day-to-day reality edited by context, similar to the Kuleshov effect demonstrated by Alfred Hitchcock?

    This can be a challenge to anyone — say a documentary filmmaker or a performance philosopher like Jason — who is trying to capture people at their most authentic. It was planning for the future.

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