Is flirt a good site

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I got my refund for every cent. It's nothing but a scam.

Is flirt a good site

However, sifting through hundreds of fake messages for that one real woman seems tedious and dangerous. I had to look it up myself.

Is flirt a good site

Is flirt a good site

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Position Commune is All About the Information. It's a rip off and you'll just your job. One is where I hit their paywall.

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  1. Malazilkree

    They feature photos of beautiful women in cleavage-baring selfies. But, to be fair, it could have had an amazing algorithm that matched us to perfect women and gotten us fifty dates.


    They lure you in for a month then screw you like you want to screw the women bots on there.


    That seems to be the sites whole strategy, throw in some bait, and wait from the fish to bite. He did in fact talk to me and started feeding me the same bs about my profile not being adequate.

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