Is baldness attractive

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Bald guys were the clear winners with the spectators claiming that they were more powerful, influential and lots of authority. Men with bald heads are more common and more accepted than ever. Contact Author Bald Is Beautiful!

Is baldness attractive

Baldness is the complete lack of hair, or partial hair on your head. Other reasons for baldness include, Trauma, poor nutrition and an unhealthy scalp problem.

Is baldness attractive

Is baldness attractive

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  1. Many people know that confidence is key when it comes to sex appeal as well. Not sure if its true though.

    It is a form of alopecia, but for the male it is much more common so its acceptable as the norm. So, where do bald headed guys fit into that equation?

    Take a look at the photos and tell me you don't like them!

    Not every woman has this same instinct, but many women do.

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