How to deal with a scorned woman

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I'll tell you how. Franny's the one who seems to have been itching to cheat on her long distance boyfriend here, and then when she couldn't do it on her terms lining up a an immediate replacement to take the boyfriend's place? If in the future you feel like I am doing anything that leads you on, please tell me.

How to deal with a scorned woman

So what do you do? No one over the age of nine at which point "ew gross" as a response to sexual activity is cute no matter how lonely or drunk, gets to tell couples how to act.

How to deal with a scorned woman

How to deal with a scorned woman

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  1. If you want to go on a date, do that and make it clear that's what's happening. The bottom line here is that when you get real with yourself, everyone who isn't being real with you will instantly bail out of your life.

    Frannie yelled at them, loudly, and presumably went into her room.

    That may not be something you can help with, but that's natural.

    There are two ways this can go.

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