How to connect with your emotions

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Here are seven tips that can help you forge an unbreakable bond: Although one may lead to the next, physical attraction is a superficial emotion that begins the journey toward an emotional connection and love. Romance novels give us a chance to experience lust and love.

How to connect with your emotions

You might feel excited about the possibility of meeting someone you like. Keep in mind there is a difference between physical attraction and an emotional connection.

How to connect with your emotions

How to connect with your emotions

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  1. Shaktilrajas

    Show Affection A couple in a budding relationship has little problem showing affection, but married couples suffering from a fraying connection may need to work on being affectionate with each other.

    Is this a deep bond or just coincidence?

    This sort of relationship might be a friendship or a co-dependent situation of living together or fulfilling a sexual need. One step, thought and feeling, at a time.

    I learned how to greet my feelings as friends rather than as a nameless beast out to destroy my lifeā€”or at least my morning. This could be as simple as saying one word to yourself, such as upset, angry or anxious.


    Engage in enjoyable solo activities. In order for a couple to benefit from the joys of an emotional connection, they must be willing to become vulnerable with each other.

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