How does snuffleupagus work

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Carol Burnett, who guest-starred in season five of "The Muppet Show," said that "When Kermit is up there, staring you in the face, you believe in him completely" [source: While in front of a fountain, Big Bird spots Snuffy behind a fountain in the distance and tells the adults to turn around, but the adults initially refuse and laugh at the situation. But then Snuffy sticks his nose out of the trash can, making Telly wonder if he was imagining that.

How does snuffleupagus work

Snuffy's mom and dad and his little sister Alice. Hooper 's name as Mr. Elmo is your traditional hand and rod puppet.

How does snuffleupagus work

How does snuffleupagus work

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  1. Hooper who loses his glasses when Snuffy walks in front of him , Willy , and Luis who holds a stack of boxes that block his vision. The puppet is so big that when producers had to move it to different locations during filming of the Hawaii episodes, it was hung down from a helicopter.

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