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All members of the community are welcome! Even local police joined the fun and had their faces painted too!

Hillcrest logan

Even local police joined the fun and had their faces painted too! Demographics[ edit ] In the census , Hillcrest recorded a population of 5, people,

Hillcrest logan

Hillcrest logan

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    Wineglass Water Tower, Hillcrest, As the name suggests, part of the suburb is on the crest of a hill.

    Already the Hillcrest NHW Facebook page has been filled with likes, shared photographs, thanks and positive comments about how nice it is to chat to local police and meet neighbours and how the kids had a great time!

    As the Police Liaison Officer for the Hillcrest NHW group, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all our kind sponsors and the volunteer groups who travelled from across Logan who attended our community event today. Geography[ edit ] Hillcrest lies to the west of Browns Plains.

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