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This time, the Athenians set their sights on the helots of Laconia. It is difficult to determine whether these births were the results of voluntary liaisons at least on the part of the father or part of a formal state program.


Conversely, we can deduce that a minority of the helots were Laconian, thus making this the one and only revolt of their history. It is difficult to determine whether these births were the results of voluntary liaisons at least on the part of the father or part of a formal state program. Thucydides underlines that they had hoped to exploit the patriotism of the latter in order to pacify the region.



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  1. It is nevertheless clear that in any case the revolt of BC represented a major traumatic event for the Spartans. He then reports that more than 6, heeded the call, leading to some embarrassment for the Spartans, who were initially overwhelmed by the number.

    It is difficult to reconcile these versions. Tempering these selective factors was the crypteia, during which the strongest and fittest helots were the primary targets of the kryptes; to select soft targets would be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

    The Spartans gained considerable reputation as hoplites, due to tactical capabilities developed through constant training.

    Xenophon states that the Spartans' fears were assuaged when they received aid from their allies and Boeotian mercenary forces. Additionally, a helot revolt in Laconia is unlikely, and Messenians would not likely have taken refuge at Cape Taenarus.

    In any case, the conclusion needs to be treated carefully: The total population of helots at that time, including women, is estimated as , — ,

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