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She discusses Muslim issues, Jewish issues, and many other authentic cultural markers of Palestinian citizens. Even with the little Arabic that Liyana and Rafik have and the little English Khaled and Nadine speak, they are able to develop a close friendship very quickly. ISBN Posted by.

Habibi summary

But her world is being turned upside down. Powell's This soul-stirring novel about the Abbouds, an Arab American family, puts faces and names to the victims of violence and persecution in Jerusalem today.

Habibi summary

Habibi summary

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  1. Liyana must get used to the new traditions that are common in Palestinian families. ISBN Posted by.

    While chasing a hen, Liyana and Rafik meet Khaled and his sister Nadine who live in the refugee camp. Each chapter starts with a line written by Liyana, setting up the theme of the chapter.

    Liyana, her brother Rafik, mother Susan, and father Kamal leave St.

    The artistic playground [Thompson] chose of barbaric Arabs devoid of history but not savagery is a well-trod environment in Western literature

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