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One consequence mentioned was that prostitution can be seen as a suitable and normal option for the poor. They state that this compliance leads to a system that becomes mutually advantageous for brothels and sex workers, because a perception of safety by workers is profitable for the brothel. Sex Transm Infect —

Global sex workers downloadable version

Their work underlines the need for local understanding of the sex industry and other risk contexts. If they tried to complain, the club owners would threaten to dismiss them.

Global sex workers downloadable version

Global sex workers downloadable version

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  1. One extensive programme that includes sex worker interventions is the Avahan project in India. For many people struggling to survive, the borderline between sex for convenience and for commerce is not clear.

    There has been considerable research on sex workers over the two decades since HIV was recognised as an STI, and this body of work shows that sex work is diverse, and that simple models suggesting that it has a central role in the spread of disease are false.

    Men and women who exchange sex for money come from increasingly diverse backgrounds; some are from high educational and socioeconomic status brackets.


    Legality of prostitution[ edit ] Most activists campaigning for the formation of policies that protect sex workers from violence fall into two main categories:

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