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She begins wearing a tutu with her rocker shirt, wears ballet shoes with pride, and auditions as Little Orphan Annie in the school play. E-mail Marjorie at mamele forward.


In the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, Kazooie originally looked much more tomboyish which was guilty of many players' Viewer Gender Confusion. Word of God is that the change in design was due to the Setting Update. In the live action her civilian self has long hair and, while her Sailor costume has the short blue hair, it's in a much more feminine style than the anime and manga.



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  1. This would later be taken Up to Eleven at Fighting Opera Hustle , wear she got valentine shaped blush stickers painted on her face and started handing out flowers to audience members.

    Can you look at me? Ironically, the series had also found excuses to send her into the field more and more often, even as this was going on.

    The original Chica also appears in 2 and actually looks less feminine than before, but since it's either a possible prequel or one of the Bite of '87 victim's many nightmares , this is another straight example. She also got a few more feminine outfits, though this was downplayed overall.

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