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It has been calculated that the thermostat reduces cooling and heating bills by up to 20 per cent - since October , Nest has saved million kilowatt hours of electricity. Dyson further claims that if used in conjunction with air-conditioning, up to 20 per cent can be saved off energy bills. Already, you can download the amazing MagicPlan app, which automatically generates building floorplans simply from photos of room corners.


Each game has an alternate mode too, and the sliders affect the size of game elements, making it fun to fiddle with. Hence, the Nest programmable thermostat, which can be taught your temperature needs according to your daily and weekly habits, was born. This is done without the help of an installation plumber, or even being in contact with water.



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  1. My siblings and I would pool our pennies at car boot sales then play them until their fizzing, crackling deaths shortly after. Real time results appear on the 71mm display and can be saved to a memory card.

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