Gay men crusing for sex

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After the devastation of the AIDS epidemic and after generations of gay men seeing their lifestyles portrayed in ugly ways, the feeling of being in a warehouse filled with gay men celebrating themselves and their sex is radical and life-changing. Anywhere you can possibly find privacy or meet other men can become a cruising zone — particularly the menswear section in your local department store. Cruise-heavy mall bathrooms are pretty common.

Gay men crusing for sex

And that cost was a marketing campaign that took queer lives and translated them into values that could be appreciated by people who are disgusted by queer people. Cruising comes naturally to these places, since people-watching and cruising are basically the same thing, and what better way to lick the foam off your lips than having someone lick it off for you? A note on the Pines:

Gay men crusing for sex

Gay men crusing for sex

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