Fiance visa japan

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Once approved, a notice is sent to an address in Japan advising that the COE is ready for collection at the regional immigration office where the COE application was originally submitted. Spouse of Japanese national visa if your spouse is a Japanese national Long term resident visa if your spouse is a long term resident visa holder Spouse of permanent resident visa if your spouse is a permanent resident visa holder Dependent visa if your spouse has a work visa or a student visa When you apply for one of the visas above, it is necessary to provide among others a marriage certificate issued by the authorities of the both countries and your proof of income or that of your spouse.

Fiance visa japan

We highly recommend that you keep copies of all documents for your records. Embassy or Consulate nearest to you.

Fiance visa japan

Fiance visa japan

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    Once you get this certificate, you need to fill out a Registration of Marriage Form Konin Todoke which needs to be signed stamped with hanko by two witnesses. The certificates that you receive will be written in the Japanese language.

    The marriage application must have two witnesses.

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