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The sender's name and address can be easily faked. You will need to use the online IP validation and tracing tools mentioned above to verify who owns those addresses and whether the email sender is likely to be using one of those addresses.


All name servers returned by domain name servers should be listed at parent servers. All your name servers reported identical NS records. Type in the name of a website into the given search box to view this website's IP address and the location of the server it is hosted on.



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  1. For example, if you friend is located in the Czech Republic and the sender's IP address is registered in Australia — it could be a hoax, or your friend could be on vacation. No private IPs found.

    Name server name should be a valid host name, no partial name or IP address. Found A records for all name servers.

    Check for Lame Name servers OK. Each name server should return identical NS records.

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