Ear piercing types men

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It is also another part of the ear where the cartilage is a bit thick. If you go that route, make sure anything you put in your piercing is thoroughly sterilized, and change to a new one every day. In this type of piercing the existing penetrated hole is stretched and expanded to provide them with big earrings.

Ear piercing types men

The Transverse Lobe Piercing In this type of piercings, the piercer makes use of a barbell which passes through the earlobe horizontally. Again, ear piercing pain after the process differs based on the style and region of the piercing.

Ear piercing types men

Ear piercing types men

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  1. Even people who want to try ear modification begin with this procedure. This is a popular ear piercing fashion for teenagers all over the globe.

    For people, who have a small anti-tragus, piercing might be too difficult or not possible. But have in mind that this style of ear piercing is not as prone to irritation and stretching like the tragus.

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