Don t be shy quotes

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So when they get stressed, their response is much more elevated than the average person. They are born with a nervous system that is quick to respond in stressful situations and slow to calm back down afterward.

Don t be shy quotes

She would tell youth that they need to stretch themselves. Although he did sometimes venture into society- he was particularly devoted to the weekly scientific soirees of the great naturalist Sir Joseph Banks- it was always made clear to the other guests that Cavendish was on no account to be approached or even looked at. This type of shyness happens often among youth when they become very preoccupied with what other people think of them.

Don t be shy quotes

Don t be shy quotes

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  1. The bishop asks you to give a talk and you just might faint because you are so nervous.

    I ran down the hall with tears running down my face and hid myself in a classroom until I calmed down.

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